Psychology and philosophy: On The Rise

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Following our limited discussions with our fellow Japanese students from Waseda university, I ascertained a number of things. First, most students pursued carriers in general majors, rather than technical ones; more specifically, most of them were involved in the social and human sciences, which I personally never expected to be popular in Japan especially in a well-renowned university. Few students were involved in the science fields; in fact, the only scientific major I heard was mathematics. The rest of the students opted for philosophy, counseling,and psychology. What I found mostly stunning is the discontent with mathematics expressed by most students. Fond of philosophy, I managed to extend my conversation with one of the students from simple introduction into a discussion about famous philosophers. The language barrier was quite an obstacle, nevertheless;  we both recognized ‘Descartes”, or “Descarto” in Japanese, Socrates and Platon. She introduced to me a modern Japanese Philosopher, she took as a role model, Tetsuro Watsuji, who was an emblem of ethics and morals. I am also very glad that most of the students were enrolled in teh psychology and counseling majors, especially after finding out during the presentation given at the JR company about the high rate of suicide in Japan. I think that this benevolent society can use some counselers to prevent the loss of good soles.


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