My Experience with the Deer

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In Dubai, there is absolutely no trace of wild life. Apart from the camels which are usually raised by the Bedouins, I rarely see any animals around. Being surrounded by the dear was an enjoyable experience for me. The locals feed them a special type of cereal biscuits. When you approach these pacific creatures, they would try to bite off your clothes, but no worries! they would let you caress their soft fur. They have definitely grown habituated to human contact. The main reason is the well treatment they receive from the locals. In Japan, they are not the only animals to be treated well. Both domestic and wild animals receive the utmost care because the people care for the ecosystem. Dogs are pampered in Japan; this is mostly manifest in Tokyo where they have special hotels only for dogs. Overall, as an animal lover, I was glad to be in a country in which animals are treated with the utmost care. Never in my life have I seen animals that are so calm. Dogs are so happy that they rarely bark!


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  1. I heard the other day that some pet owners in Japan, loving their pets and caring about fashion as much as they do, spray paint their dogs to look like pandas and other animals! Since panda bears are so popular in asian culture, and because asian culture is so obsessed with appearance, this does not surprise me, but it’s still funny and slightly shocking!

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