Parking Lots: The Optimum Space

Who would think that parking can be monitored by technology? Well, I never thought it would be until I landed in Tokyo!  Space seems to be of the utmost importance,  therefore Japanese resolve to technology in order to customize it. There is a wide range of parking lots in Japan, each of which depends on the location, price and method of parking the car. The roads are clear, and never do you see cars on the margins.
The type of parking I got acquainted with is the one in Aoyama Itchome, where the hotel I was staying in was located. After conducting a personal research, I discovered the following: Basically, you buy a ticket and insert it in the system. Then, you can park your car in a parking lot within the automatic garage. Once you leave, your car is transported to the top floors by an elevator. When you eventually come back, by inserting your ticket back, you wait for a while and Abraka Dabra ! Your car is brought back to you! It’s Magic!


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  1. I was very eager to see one of the car garages in operation because of how much the design fascinated me. I especially loved how the platforms in front of the car elevator rotated, so you could drive the car in, and when you came back for it, the platform would spin the car around so you could drive back onto the busy street with ease! I really wanted to record these garages for my video documentary, but was unable to catch the magic in action!

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