The Kimono: A Vanishing Tradition

The Kimono! such a nice dress! but so rare to find in the districts of the ever-changing Metropolis of Tokyo! I was out during all the period of my stay in Japan and I barely saw a few! It wasn’t until I asked  my new friends Ayaka and Misa, both of which I met in Disney land, that It all started making sense! Actually, the public wearing of kimono is indeed withering. Nevertheless, this dress code still maintains its prestige within the culture! It is worn on special occasions and celebrations! Now that I recall, one of the Keio University students showed me a picture of herself wearing an aesthetically adorned kimono during her birthday. The people that were wearing the Kimono were mainly old women; that said, there are exceptions. I encountered some young women wearing it publicly. The women who organized the tea ceremony, for instance, were constantly wearing the kimono. The reason why working women opt for formal clothing is because it seems to be more practical within the work field! In my country of origin, the exact same thing is happening. A traditional dress called “Djellaba” is being replaced by casual dress as women are getting into the work field.


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