Hiroshima: An Epitome of Peace

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  A calamity has striken Hiroshima on the August 6, 1945. The atomic bomb turned the city in  few seconds into rubble. Ironically, corpses, deformed bodies, and ruins were the only criterions of the panorama of the city.  All the beautiful fauna and flora were destroyed. The survivors were left to deal with surrow, pain, and shortage of food and water. The American army made the life of Hiroshima’s citizens a living hell. After this catastrophy, the people rose stronger than ever not with a motif of revenge but a rather with a purpose to teach the world forgiveness and peace.  When we visited the museum,  melancholy overtook me. My heart burned and my eyes filled with tears from reading and looking at the remnants of this catastrophy. I stood in front of the displays more conscientious than ever of what a Nuclear crisis may engender! Considering what the innocent citizens and their ancestors went through, and how instead of developping an atomic bomb  which they were certainly capable of, their ambition was directed towards  a noble thing that benefitted the world including the states: technology.  They became the emblem of compassion and decided to teach the world a lesson by writing the peace convention. Their benevolent attitude spurred inside of me a sense of philanthropy and incited me into becoming an advocate of a global peace!


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